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WingMan Demonstration Video

WingMan turns your phone or tablet into a "trusted friend" whenever cravings occur, and it will also help those around you cope with the issues that you are experiencing. WingMan is there for you, whenever you need help, 24/7!

A friend in need is friend indeed! 

Our technology is a cloud-based "strong" artificial intelligence application that uses machine learning to help addicts overcome cravings.  Once enabled, just ask WingMan for help and your new "trust friend" will be there for you as long as you need help with your issue!    

Why WingMan?

Once we have admitted to Step One, that we are powerless over our addiction, that our life has become unmanageable, we are now ready to enter a new way of life, dealing with life on life's terms, one day at a time. Whether you have one hour or many years of sober/clean time it is hard to change the mind's coping skills from negative to positive behaviors.  

The WingMan platform is based on artificial intelligence, machine learning technology, and state-of-the-art blockchain consensus processing.   WingMan is now able to offer an incredible supplement to helping the person in need to overcome addiction issues, when traditional means of help is unavailable or becomes ineffective.

Our Services

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Our KNOWLEDGEBASE comes from you!

Our blockchain consensus technology exists from millions of ideas generated by minds from all over the world in how to help with addiction issues.

Advanced AI Machine Based Learning

The more you interact with WingMan the more we know about your challenges and how to better help you through whatever issue you are experiencing.


There is no cost for using WingMan.  By using our system you are helping us to build a more powerful and knowledgeable application. 

            Find out more us at!


Use any device that supports the Amazon or Google digital assistant and WingMan responds to your questions from our AI mind that delivers answers and suggestions to help you out in your time of need! 


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